"El Valle Del Silencio"

“The only Silence I am witness of, is the one before I was born. And I wonder, how loud is your Silence, when you seek for quietness in the shelter of this unknown universal dimension”  Hugo.~

I try to remember how many times I have written or thought about the infinity possibilities of bounderies of the Universe, it is so vast, so mysterious, so immense and overwhelming that I simplify it to the Cosmos, to the Galaxies and finally, from my own being to the empty canvas that has never been quiet. Science and the natural eclipses, gives me the platform of logic and the certainty of the abstraction of the known Gravity and the elements that transit through the empty space, to the magnitude of the severe temperature, to the formation and transformation of planets and the force of nature, from the landscaping of the planetarium and infinite colors to my imagination ~ And the poetry behind the shadows begins its voice, – the lines of matter align with the lights of the stars and I become a prisoner of my own nature, and everything becomes clear to me, among all the possibilities ~ landscaping in the Valley is never in Silence., And, it shows me, that exists in a dimension in the existence of every individual, in all of us in some far away, or perhaps, in a very near Cosmos that connect us with the entire Universe where the truth is perfectly intact.  And the question arises in a appealing form of my own interest reality of the moment, of the encounter of my self within?, or perhaps is it hidden from reality of  ambiguity,. is this  nature?. I do ask to the silence in moments of  despair, in moments of seeking this natural truth. And I go to my painting to disperse chaos to clarity and i become myself again into the “natural” Law of Silence.