Hugo A Navarro Artist Statement

 As an artist, my journey begins in the studio where I both live and create, surrounded by an eclectic mix of inks such as plastisol, soy, acrylics, graphite, digital art tools, and oils. Over the years, oil painting on canvas and digital art have become my primary modes of expression. The slow, meditative process of working with oils allows me to delve deep into the narratives of my faraway, imaginary planets, granting me the space to contemplate and immerse myself fully in the creation. In contrast, my approach to acrylics involves applying thick layers over large canvases, resulting in abstract pieces with bold, heavy strokes that come to life in just a few days due to the medium’s fast-drying nature.

When working with oils, I often paint multiple pieces simultaneously, as the drying process invites continuous layering and exploration of texture and impasto, achieved by mixing colors with Linseed Oil. The rich variety of hues, brands, and varnishes available provides endless possibilities for my palette. I am particularly drawn to yellow, blue, white titanium, magenta, red, green, and viridian green, and I seek out unique tones and shades during my travels to further expand my color repertoire.

For over 23 years, I have been stretching my own canvases, a process that organically initiates the narrative of each piece. Using palette knives, brushes, and occasionally unconventional tools, I create distinct effects that bring my visions to life. My signature is always discreetly placed, with a low-visibility mark on the front and a clear one on the back.

My digital pieces, or “Digital Extensions,” are born from original paintings, intimately linked through a process of color and shade reversal. Depending on saturation and image quality, each painting can give rise to multiple digital interpretations, typically ranging between five and six unique variants. This transformation of colors into a digital format is not just a technical endeavor but a creative adventure, offering a whole new dimension to the original work.

My subject matter often chooses me, rather than me choosing it. I am drawn to the idea that in a distant planetary system, vibrant sunsets, moonsets, galaxysets, and cosmosets unfold in serene, colorful valleys. These imagined landscapes of unseen terrains and unknown colors resonate with the concept of nature’s boundless freedom and inherent chaos.

Nature, in its entirety, fuels my inspiration—from the interplay of light and darkness to the awe-inspiring phenomena of the natural world, and the myriad colors and scientific principles that underpin our universe.

I also believe that thought must become the guiding light that takes us out of the darkness. This belief is reflected in my technique and the unique qualities of my art, which seek to illuminate the deep and captivating mysteries of the imaginary realms and the natural world.