Hugo A Navarro Biography

Hugo A. Navarro, a Chilean-American autodidact in plastic arts, epitomizes the transformative power of creativity. Born in Santiago, Chile, Navarro spent his formative years surrounded by an intriguing juxtaposition of urban life and artistic exploration. Despite the challenges of emigrating to the United States at the tender age of 20, shortly after the birth of his first son, Navarro’s journey has been marked by an indomitable spirit of curiosity and an unwavering dedication to his art. experience with universal insight.
From an early age, he found solace and expression in the act of drawing, which he referred to as “personal drawings, not art.” His journey took a significant turn in 1977 when, at the age of 20, he emigrated to the United States, seeking new horizons as his grandmother’s family had before him when she moved from the island of Brač in Croatia to Punta Arenas, Chile, in the early 1900s.

He prioritized providing for his family, dabbling in various business ventures to ensure their well-being. A father of three, Navarro acknowledges the artistic influences within his family, with his children pursuing careers in architecture, music, film, theatre, and writing. These familial connections are threads woven into the larger tapestry of his artistic narrative, underscoring a shared devotion to creative exploration. It wasn’t until he turned 34 in Santiago at Taller 619, a friend’s invitation, that he began taking art classes, drawing nudes, painting, and delving into various mediums like oils and house paint. By 40, he knew art was his true calling, catalyzed by the opening of his Art Café Gallery in Barrio Yungay, Santiago. This space became a cultural nexus, hosting music, poetry, jazz nights, theater, and local artists’ exhibitions.

Navarro’s commitment to cultivating artistic communities continued in the U.S. where he settled in Midtown Detroit, close to the Detroit Institute of Art. This proximity enriched his practice, allowing weekend visits and interactions with local artists, which significantly influenced his perspective on art. Take art classes at the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center, participating with local artists groups in the area of Michigan and His involvement with the 555 artists group in Detroit exemplified his dedication to community-driven art projects and engagement with local creatives.

Navarro’s work, inspired by the phenomena of nature, the unknown, evolution, and true science, is an exploration of color and the abstract. He regards his art as continually evolving, reflective of his experimental approach. His pieces delve into themes of gravity, mass, erosion, light, colors, and fractals, capturing the imagination through his unique lens. His creative process is unhurried and introspective, inviting a flow that resonates with his pure self and immediate surroundings.

Among Navarro’s most rewarding projects was the Art Café Gallery in Chile, abandoned space transformed into an artist gallery studio in Mexican town in Detroit,These experiences not only allowed him to collaborate with other artists but also solidified his belief in art as both a solitary and communal endeavor. Notable projects include “Zero Platform” , “The Unknown” in Detroit, and “Digital Extension” in San Diego, the latter utilizing software to generate additional images from original paintings in addition to (recycling) with serigraphy plastisol ink (txp), on t-shirts and stretched canvas in Santiago Chile.  

Influenced by the Masters and driven by an insatiable curiosity, Navarro’s art has been showcased in numerous galleries, including Detroit’s historic Scarab Club and The Wayne State University, Center for Peace and Conflict Studies Visions of Peace Children’s Art Exhibition. Detroit, Michigan.. His exhibitions span live and virtual platforms, reaching audiences globally, and participating in significant projects like the ACLU’s Lady Liberty Project and virtual platform at The Berlin Wall’s 20th Anniversary.

Despite his extensive exhibition history, Navarro remains humble, attributing his unique voice to the imagination of the unknown and the abstraction of infinity. His work has been met with admiration, described as beautiful, bold, and mesmerizing.

Outside of his art, Navarro enjoys playing chess and walking, simple pleasures that likely inform his meditative approach to his practice. His art reflects his belief in its power as a societal commentary and a universal dialogue transcending boundaries.

Navarro envisions art as a vital medium for observation and reflection on society and the broader world. His biography is a testament to the transformative power of art and underscores the relentless pursuit of passion amidst life’s demands. Through his work, Navarro aspires to contribute to a never-ending conversation, one that bridges personal experience with universal insight.


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Michigan.-2006.- 555 Gallery – Mensaje Latino. Detroit, Michigan.-2006.- The Wayne State University, Center for Peace and Conflict Studies Visions of Peace Children’s Art Exhibition. Detroit, Michigan.-2006.- ACLU Organization Lady Liberty Project.-Detroit, Michigan.-2006.- Benjamin Franklin Project. Detroit, Michigan.-2007.- 555 Gallery Show Love. Detroit, Michigan.-2007.- Certamen Goya. Urban Landscaping. Bilbao,Spain.-2007.- ACLU Organization Lady Liberty Project. Detroit, Michigan.-2008.- 555 Gallery Show Love. Michigan. 2008.- 555 Gallery Project Benjamin Franklin.-Detroit, Michigan.-2008.- Madonna University. Livonia, Michigan.2009.- Cyber participation CABE exposition, Zaragoza, Spain.-2009.- Lost and found. San Diego Fine Arts Society, Planet Rooth Gallery.-2009.- Barceloneta Cyber participation international artists Exhibition. Barcelona, Spain. 2009.- Cyber participation Arte y Ecologismo, SensibilizARTE. Cyber participation with Argentinians artists, Las Lomas, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Online-2009.- Santos Fine Art Galleries. Solana Beach, California.-2009.- International Cyber participation  Cabe, 20th Anniversary of The Berlin Wall &
The Natural Law. Berlin, Germany.-2009.- Ladybug Gallery. Detroit Mi. Clave Fund Raising.-2010.- Santos Fine Art Galleries. Leucadia, California.
2010.- Space4Arts Gallery. San Diego, California.-2010.- Alexander Salazar Gallery, Easel Project. San Diego, Ca.-2011.- Space4arts Gallery. Elevation at Space4Art..San Diego, Ca.-2012.- 555 Gallery. Unknown Matter- For all these years. Detroit, Michigan.-2013.- 555 Gallery. Art & Sole. Detroit, Mi.-2013.- 555 Gallery. Alchemy.2014.- Cabaret Theatre Gallery.-San Diego, California.-2017.- Artist in Residence at 555 org. Detroit,Michigan-2018.- Metal Pouring – Scratch Box Casting. 555 Org. Evolution Studio.2019.-The Breakfast Fine Art Club Detroit Arts. -Foundry Metal Pouring and Casting.- 2019-2021 participated with artists from Ciudad of Mexico and Oaxaca:  Book Fuente Ovejuna.

Mr. Navarro’s at His art studio from Zero Ground  abandoned building in Mexican Town Detroit Michigan 2004-2005 before moving in to the 555org building.