Hugo A. Navarro, A Chilean-American autodidact plastic art artist.- Mr. Navarro father of three, emigrated to US in 1977 after the born of his first son at the age of 19. Influence and searching for new horizons and opportunities as his grandmother and family emigrated, from the island Brač in the Adriatic Sea in Croatia (ex-Yugoslavia) to Punta Arenas Chile, where the family settle in the early 1900’s.

About Mr. Navarro’s Art.-

Although, Mr. Navarro is mainly a self-taught rather than conventional education. In the art making, Mr. Navarro has taking art classes and workshop in Chile Taller 619 artists group and U.S., at Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center with art teacher Roumen Boudev (Bulgaria), Michigan artists and San Diego, Ca. Mr., Navarro’s interested in learning the principles of  Drawing, Portrait, Nude, Landscaping, Abstracts, Ceramics, Sculpting, Metal Pouring and using Digital Media Experimentation. In addition, Mr. Navarro has also been participating in different art venues and art collaboration with local artist, community social programs in Detroit, Mi., San Diego, Ca. and his native country Chile in 1996, where he opened a Café Concert with alive music, small theatre plays, art gallery exhibitions and poetry, from 1996 to 1999, participating with artists friends in art workshops and local art events. In addition, Mr. Navarro from an abandoned and trashed building in Barrio Yungay Santiago opened a Café-Bar Cultural in Santiago, having local artist art exhibitions, poetry, jazz live events and small theatre plays. Back to U.S., and where He settle his formally art studio in the Mid-Town Detroit, three blocks away from the Detroit Institute of Art. For Mr. Navarro, the experience of having this great Art Institution so close by to visit every weekend, and also, meeting local artists of the area the beautiful people from Detroit, was indeed, a big change in his art making and the view of the Art as a whole. – After a couple of years living in the midtown Detroit Mr. Navarro moved to an abandoned building in the Mexican Town in Detroit and set up his new art studio before moving to the 555 organization building located in Detroit. Mr. Navarro is still participating with the local artist in Detroit.-In the early 2018, Mr. Navarro open his new art space in Baja California where He keep continuously making art every day and participating with artists in Mexico. 

Mr. Navarro’s Art.-

Mr., Navarro has a great interest and inspiration in the observation in the phenomena of Nature, the mysteries of the Cosmos and *The Art of Science. 

Most of his latest works, have been inspire in Planetarium Landscaping and the Cosmos, experimenting with software tools and the “Digital Extension” (as he named) of colors of a specific original painting, extending/stretching the scope of color values. 

“The Nature of Truth is a Virtue”

  • *For Mr., Navarro, specifically, through the years in the process of the art making. He, has been inspired by the endless passion and devotion  pursuit for the seeking of “true” in all forms by Scientists through out the history of the man kind.

About Hugo A Navarro art by Arash Salimi 2011. La Joya, California.
Since I first encountered the work of Hugo Navarro, I have had to rethink these issues including what art is even about, and how it is best discussed. That should already be a sign that we are dealing with a very special body of work.
One of the most immediately recognizable distinctions of Navarro’s work is the concentration in many of his pieces on a small number of colors. Many of his most powerful works deal with the same four or five colors, a bright sky blue, golden yellow, white, black and sometimes red. Even his most wildly-colored pieces are always centered around a single-color backdrop. This tight control of the color-palette makes it clear to the viewer that these pieces are not haphazard bursts of activity, but rather that they are focused, intimate studies of moods and ideas. But beyond that, Navarro’s loyalty to blue and yellow seems to be an expression of the basic fundamentals of life, or possibly the eternal elements of the universe.
Navarro’s pen and brush strokes are also quite distinctive throughout his oeuvre. The wiggles in his straight lines, the roughness of his circles, his hand gives his pieces an unmistakable character of both painstaking care as well as a warm playfulness.

Cheryl Phillips: MFA
“Mr. Navarro’s paintings, executed in acrylics and oils, are
alive with layers of color that drip, are scrape out,
spattered and daubed with thick paint.”
Detroit, Mi. 2006

Exhibitions Live and Virtual:  2006 Bagley Housing Gallery Latino Pop and Abstract Show. Detroit, Michigan USA.-2006 555 Gallery (Artist in Residence).Detroit, Michigan USA.-2007 Studio56 Detroit Michigan.- Gallery on 3rd. Rochester, Michigan.2005.- Detroit’s historic Scarab Club. Detroit,
Michigan.-2006.- 555 Gallery – Mensaje Latino. Detroit, Michigan.-2006.- The Wayne State University, Center for Peace and Conflict Studies Visions of Peace Children’s Art Exhibition. Detroit, Michigan.-2006.- ACLU Organization Lady Liberty Project.-Detroit, Michigan.-2006.- Benjamin Franklin Project. Detroit, Michigan.-2007.- 555 Gallery Show Love. Detroit, Michigan.-2007.- Certamen Goya. Urban Landscaping. Bilbao,Spain.-2007.- ACLU Organization Lady Liberty Project. Detroit, Michigan.-2008.- 555 Gallery Show Love. Michigan. 2008.- 555 Gallery Project Benjamin Franklin.-Detroit, Michigan.-2008.- Madonna University. Livonia, Michigan.2009.- Cyber participation CABE exposition, Zaragoza, Spain.-2009.- Lost and found. San Diego Fine Arts Society, Planet Rooth Gallery.-2009.- Barceloneta Cyber participation international artists Exhibition. Barcelona, Spain. 2009.- Cyber participation Arte y Ecologismo, SensibilizARTE. Cyber participation with Argentinians artists, Las Lomas, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Online-2009.- Santos Fine Art Galleries. Solana Beach, California.-2009.- International Cyber participation  Cabe, 20th Anniversary of The Berlin Wall &
The Natural Law. Berlin, Germany.-2009.- Ladybug Gallery. Detroit Mi. Clave Fund Raising.-2010.- Santos Fine Art Galleries. Leucadia, California.
2010.- Space4Arts Gallery. San Diego, California.-2010.- Alexander Salazar Gallery, Easel Project. San Diego, Ca.-2011.- Space4arts Gallery. Elevation at Space4Art..San Diego, Ca.-2012.- 555 Gallery. Unknown Matter- For all these years. Detroit, Michigan.-2013.- 555 Gallery. Art & Sole. Detroit, Mi.-2013.- 555 Gallery. Alchemy.2014.- Cabaret Theatre Gallery.-San Diego, California.-2017.- Artist in Residence at 555 org. Detroit,Michigan-2018.- Metal Pouring – Scratch Box Casting. 555 Org. Evolution Studio.2019.-The Breakfast Fine Art Club Detroit Arts. -Foundry Metal Pouring and Casting.- 2019-2021 participated with artists from Ciudad of Mexico and Oaxaca to create a Book Fuente Ovejuna.

Mr. Navarro’s at His art studio from Zero Ground  abandoned building in Mexican Town Detroit Michigan 2004-2005 before moving in to the 555org building.