The Digital Extension

The Freedom Of Colors

The Digital Extension, it is an inspiration that I created from the digital experimental process and which became part of my art making. This gallery bellow the page, you find a body of work with this particular style. ~ “The Freedom of Colors”.

It wasn’t until then, when I realized in the experimentation with the digital tools software,
extending the colors and composition of images and elements once exposed on the canvas. ~ Desconstruct
the composition with this new technology once created, to the extension of reversing the colors, to the function mechanism of the software/ ~ (without premeditation of the result by the software engineering creator?)-.
And, regardless of any results of these experimentations, the boundaries and plasticity
of colors and saturation, gives me the limitations of this finished digital extension to my pleasure of the moment of creation. And the question arises again,
how far can this modern tools, allows to be extended in the experimentation itself to the own satisfaction?.

The Painter: But further more than been an experimental with colors, as being and as a painter and what the colors do represent.  Out, in the space; out, in every galaxy; out, of every element unknown to the humans yet, I find this Freedom of Colors, this unique truth of identity in the vast infinite Universe.  And perhaps, the most important to a painter, as observer, the fact is crystal clear, the non-existence White or Black or any multicolor people in our planet. ~

Oil on Stretched Canvas
Oil on Stretched Canvas
oil on canvas
Oil on Stretched Canvas
Original Varnished Oil on Canvas 48
Original Varnished Oil on Canvas 48" h X 36" w x 1" 3/4 d - Hugo A Navarro
Original Varnished Oil on Canvas 36
Original Painting on Stretched Canvas
Original Painting on Stretched Canvas
oil on stretched canvas
Original Painting
Original Painting (Lawrenz owner)
original oil on canvas
original oil on canvas