Mr. Navarro on Digital Art / New Art: “The experience of applying and manipulating digital software and photography tools as media, has become part of my life in the art making, like drawings and paintings that follows  the narrative and the mystic of its nature ~/~ my nature.”. 


The Cybernetic Art Era: Although, I started to  applying photomechanical and software media to create art late 2000’s, it wasn’t until my accidental experimental process in 2012,  that took my attention deeper into nature, from the obscurity of the unknown, to the reflection of the seawater light and the texture of the elements, through the fractals of the snow, the colors and the shape of the face of the cosmos, in this cosmological natural phenomena my inspiration begins.

In this digital selection, I created these four body of work styles  Spacescapes, Fractals/Vectors, abstracts and the extension of digitals from my paintings, using and  manipulating photomechanical and software tools as medias.    


Spacescapes -Fractals Vectors - Abstracts

Images Have Been Size Reduce