Bill of Sale Digext

Bill Of Sale Digital Art

On: day of 2023
Sold, Digital Art (description):
Created By artist: Hugo A. Navarro ( han )
Mark and proof of creator and signature location:
Sold Amount: U$
Comments and description of the piece:
Buyer Collector Name:
1)-. Seller is the lawful owner of the digital art which is free from all encumbrance
2)-.The new owner, has the right to transfer, reproduce or to display in any manner the digital piece, such on t-shirts, internet venues, coffee mugs, calendar or any other element desirable to print on; nevertheless, the new owner cannot make profit or lucrative from the images without the consent of the artist creator reaching an agreement within, with NFT or any other commercial platform. In addition, the collector/buyer, will hold solely the original digital piece and a copy of it.
3)-.Copyright, is reserved by the artist creator, unless, between buyer and seller enter an agreement hereto to release the image for commercial purposes or convenience.